Subterranean Gallery

Date —
December 2013

Recognitions —
A10 Award, AIGA-KC, 2014

Identity design for an underground gallery and living space in Kansas City, MO. Subterranean Gallery was founded in an effort to foster a creative, intimate environment and community. As a mediator between art and its audience, Subterranean aims to harness a cultural discourse for the city.


"Some people have religion; we have art. For most artists, it's really difficult to separate your personal life from your work because it absolutely comes from who you are and what you care about and what concerns you. I feel like we get up in the morning and start thinking about art, and we don't stop thinking about art and working towards our goals until we go to bed. It's just constant."

-Ayla Rexroth
Founder of Subterranean